The Rambling Rowes

We invite you to join our travels with us!

"You can run your life with a clock, or run it with a compass." ~Brad Meltzer

It was a dark and stormy night… just kidding! Everyone should open at least one story in their life with this line! Actually, our adventure with Rosy and the Rambler really began on a beautiful February morning and our lives have not been the same since. First, some reference points:

  • Bob – the best half [a matter of opinion... BR] of the Rambling Rowes and the love of my life. THE best spooning partner ever. He is romantic and a poet at heart. He’s an amazing cook, has a good eye for photographs and is a darned good handyman. Despite his great sense of humor, he is also a curmudgeon so this combination makes for an entertaining (well, mostly entertaining) roller-coaster ride. Fortunately I like roller coasters!

  • Shelba – that's me – the second best half [BEST half... BR] of the Rambling Rowes. I'm also the writer and main photographer of this webspace (with some fine editing by my spooning partner – notes and photos from Bob are indicated in brackets with BR).  I'm known to some as a miracle worker; I actually had this on my business card for a few years! Sometimes working miracles is just a matter of good juggling.  I'm a pretty good juggler!

  • Rosy – our Ford F150 truck. She’s small but mighty and takes us where we want to go. She’s also a dent magnet but we love her anyway.

  • The Rambler – our rig. A Forest River Surveyor – 26 tin can feet of heaven that has everything we need to make some great memories.

  • Trail Talk – this is where I'll share stories of our travels.

  • Character Map – this is where I'll share stories of the people we meet along the way.  To protect privacy, names and photos will not necessarily represent the person I'm writing about.

As I mentioned, we picked up the Rambler on a beautiful February morning and we were beside ourselves with excitement and joy. We had visions of finally enjoying the road trip we’ve been wanting to do since we first married 38 years ago. Little did we know when we picked up The Rambler that morning, that it would be an adventure just getting her home (a 90 mile drive) and parking her for the first time in the smallest parking space we have yet seen. It was Bob’s first experience towing a trailer this size and to make things especially fun, someone left a file cabinet in the middle of the freeway that he barely had time to miss at 57 miles per hour. Thank Goodness, we both had our eyes on the road ahead and thank Goodness the lane next to us was clear. It took a while to get over the adrenaline rush and the euphoria of surviving such a scary scenario. I have to say, I was very impressed with how Bob handled it. First trip with The Rambler under our belts. Woo-hoo!!!

Happy Trails to You!!

Trail Talk and Photo Gallery Updated 10/05/14