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Traveling with Bob is an adventure. He is a lovable curmudgeon (they do exist) and, thankfully, he's my curmudgeon! There are times though, when I wonder – who is this guy? I’m going to use this space to share some of the road adventures I’ve had with Bob – the love of my life.

Of all the fun times we’ve had so far with Rosy and the Rambler, there are two regular activities I wish ran a little smoother – entering the freeway and parking. I especially dread merging on the freeway because invariably there will be an angry tirade directed to the person who will not let us merge on. This happens a lot – people see a truck pulling a trailer and they do not want to be behind it. I get it – really I do – but some people seem to go out of their way to make it hard on everyone and they particularly want to make it hard on Bob. I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut (most of the time) – otherwise, the angry tirade will quickly be directed to me! I have to admit though, that I am prone to say an angry word or two [or three... BR] myself when people won’t let me on the freeway but Bob wins the potty mouth award hands down.

My second least favorite activity is parking.  No doubt everyone with an RV – a first RV – has horror stories and we have ours. Fortunately, we’ve lived to tell the stories (no murders or divorces so far) but close! The first time we parked The Rambler, it took us an hour and a half – no kidding. The original storage lot we selected (they park it for you) closed before we got there as it took longer driving her home from the dealer than we had anticipated (a typical newbie mistake). So, after a frantic search, we found a place still open. They had two spaces available. We tried to back into the first tight, awkward space for about 30 minutes and gave up. We had to make the second space work and, of course, it was the smallest RV parking spot in the world. It was a freaking nightmare – talk about a high and low day. But, after a lot of going forward 2 inches, backwards 2 inches, sideways 2 inches – you get the idea – we finally made it and all without denting any posts or hitting other RVs. The next time we parked it, it took us 10 minutes and we thought “woo-hoo, we got this down now!” but the time after that it took over an hour again so no chest pounding that day. I declared “this is it – we are finding another storage place – when we pull The Rambler out, we’re not bringing her back” and we didn’t. Oh, and then there was the time at Tahoe parking her in the mud and pouring rain. That was super fun. And the time we backed up into a tree and dented our roof and the time we jack-knifed and dented Rosy’s bumper, and the time...

No doubt you’re getting the picture of some grand times for us. All worth it though. And then some!


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