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(Post 3/27/2014)

I wish! But sad to say, Shelvis has not yet left the building. It’s been a long month of ‘hurry up and wait’ but chance of departure tomorrow is looking better than it has in a long time. The Rambler is all fixed and pretty except a few missing decals which should be in place tomorrow. I’m sure Camping World will be happy to see us leave and be out of their hair (and vice versa!). It feels like we’re in that movie “Groundhog Day” and for us, each day is a day of waiting to see if the parts for the trailer have come in, checking to see who else to give an address change to and most importantly, determining where we can fit this or that item in the trailer or truck. Turns out it is a good thing that we had additional time to prepare – there was a lot more to getting ready for a major road trip than we thought and it gave us added time to spend with family and friends who live nearby. The delay especially gave us time to figure out where to put all our stuff – we made constant references to George Carlin’s riff on “stuff”. Good thing I had excellent practice in my former life (supporting a busy CEO) of putting 10 lbs of sugar in a 5 lb bag! We did have to ship a few more things to storage and we also had to exchange the truck bed lid for a shell to fit it all in, but we finally have a place for everything including us!

While we were spinning our wheels, we took advantage and explored the Midway with many thanks to some dear friends who gave us free tickets.  It was a wonderful experience – very moving. Really brings home the saying "Home of the Free because of the brave".  We're sorry we did not take the time to see it when we first arrived to the San Diego area.  As we were leaving, there were several troops of Boy Scouts getting ready to board and spend the night.  No doubt they'll have many good memories from that adventure. I was jealous!

Hoping the next update from the Grand Canyon (our first major stop) will be soon. Are we there yet?